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Make Your Next Trip OnPo!nt

Onpo!nt Trips allows you to research and plan your next vacation all with the convenience of one app. Discover new cities, get instant access to personal recommendations curated by your friends and fellow travelers worldwide, build your own trip itinerary, and share travel recommendations with your squad.



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Explore Havana: The Top Things To See and Do in Old Town and Beyond

A trip to Havana can really feel like you’re stepping back in time. With Spanish colonial architecture dating back to the 16th century and the colorful, classic cars zooming around everywhere, it’s easy to forget what decade you’re in. Take full advantage of the feeling and stay in Old Town Havana. Not only are you central to everything, you’ll wake up every morning to an awesome view as seen above.

Check out these travel tips from the OnPo!nt Squad! After his recent trip to Havana, Shankul shared these awesome recommendations for visiting Cuba’s capital city:

-Start your day off with breakfast at El Cafe. It’s centrally located in Old Town and they have the best breakfast in Havana. With delicious coffee, fresh fruit juice and great sandwiches, you just can’t go wrong. They also offer vegetarian and vegan options.

-Next, check out the sights of Old Havana. Take a can walk around on your own, but there are also walking tours of Old Town if you would prefer a guide. Even better take a guided tour in one of the great classic cars.

-To take a classic car tour head to Parque Central. Walk around and you will be offered a tour. A good price is 35 CUC for a tour, so haggle with the driver if their prices are higher. And make sure to stop at the Cuban Cigar Factory!

-Head to the beach...Santa Maria del Mar is a 20 minute taxi ride from Old Town. The sandy beach is beautiful and conveniently located.

-Stroll the Malecon at sunset. This sea wall near Old Town has the view and quirky art installations along the way.

-Dinner at El Cocinero. Amazing food and an awesome rooftop terrace. After your meal walk over to the Fabrica de Arte cultural won’t be disappointed!

A few things to keep in mind and plan for before you go’s more difficult to get internet access in Cuba, but there are ways!

Buy an internet card for one or five hours from the main telecommunications company. Then you’ll need to head to a wifi area to use it. There are a few areas near Old Town and some apartments also have wifi, but you’ll still need to use a card. Also, credit cards are rarely accepted, so plan on carrying cash. It’s best to withdraw all the cash you need prior to arriving in Cuba and then convert it to local currency upon your arrival.

To get more tips on where to dine in Cuba, the link for the Airbnb with the great view, or travel recommendations for destinations worldwide, download OnPo!nt Trips in the app store now!

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